Value Engineering

Professional value engineering services allow the Interior Development, Inc., team to truly make a difference for our clients.

Much more than a way to reduce the construction project budget, value engineering often means the difference between compromise and fulfilling your dreams. We place great focus on innovation in commercial facility design and construction. We are committed to delivering value-added services while maintaining impeccable standards
of quality.

Value and On-Time Project Delivery

The three-pronged objective of quality, controlled cost and timeliness is often difficult to achieve in medical facility construction.

Today, commercial construction projects of all sizes and scopes have complex requirements. Advanced technological capacities, compliance and accessibility issues, comfort and public safety are just a few of the factors that must be considered.

With these and related critical concerns, the quest for value cannot result in compromise.

With value engineering services provided by Interior Development, Inc., however, you can achieve this elusive goal. We approach every project in search of innovative ways to solve problems, streamline processes and eliminate unnecessary costs.

At the same time, we strive to improve — not compromise on — quality and functionality.

A Quality Approach to Value Creation

Value engineering considers every facet of your project, from materials and construction methods to site conditions and more.

If we can use a nearby source for materials, for example, we can maintain or improve quality while saving money on transportation costs. By using a global approach, we can identify systems-level solutions. Major design modifications, when proposed in the pre-construction phase, can result in both cost and time savings.

On a micro level, we can identify seemingly small items that can, added together, make a significant impact. Proposing light fixtures that will save you costs on every replacement bulb will allow you to realize the value of this choice for decades.

Assessing Alternatives in Value Engineering

Our role in the value creation process does not end with identifying potential alternatives to reduce costs or otherwise improve your project. It also requires us to professionally assess how those substitutions will affect the construction process as well as the future operation of your business.

If we can identify process improvements or equipment alternatives that can save you future operating costs, you may be able to realize long-term benefits that offset short-term costs or schedule impacts.

As a part of value creation, we engage our trusted suppliers, subcontractors and third-party consultants for input as well. And to ensure a future of energy-efficient operations, we consider the sustainability and potential environmental impact of every potential product selection.

Finally, our assessment of alternatives in the value engineering process always includes considerations of durability and product lifecycle. Saving money today will be meaningless if systems, equipment or finishes are unable to endure under normal business conditions.

Interior Development, Inc. is committed to creating the maximum value for your project, without compromising quality, function or safety. Contact us today to learn more about our approach to commercial construction and value engineering.